Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Legal Aspects of Parks, Recreation, Sports and Tourism Management
R441 | TBA | --

Description of course content:  The purpose of this course is to focus
upon the legal aspects affecting the administration of recreation,
parks, tourism and sport programs.  The course is designed to inform
and educate recreation and sports managers about the legal risks,
issues, and considerations inherent in the management of these
programs as a way to avoid or reduce the probability of litigation.
The course provides students with a basic understanding of legal
procedures, tort law, constitutional law, contract law, risk
management and other legal subjects related to recreation and leisure

Required Book List:  Cotten, D. J. &  Wolohan, J. T. (Eds.). (2003).
Law for recreation and sport managers (3rd ed).  Dubuque, IA:
Kendall/Hunt Publishing, Co.

Summary of Assignments:

	Exams.  There will be a total of three objective, short answer, and
essay exams given during the semester.
	Case Law Analysis. This assignment requires the student to choose an
actual court case and to develop a brief case summary of the facts.

	Group Project.