International Studies | International Communication
I205 | 9849 | Heinricy, S.

This course discusses global communication as a process governed by
culture-specific and institutional-specific rules.  Also to be
examined are nation and state mediation in mass communications
(including the setting of policy on language and arts), and how the
new media in the hands of centralized multinational corporate
capital affects individual expressive freedom in different cultures.
The concepts of directness, indirectness, and politeness in
different cultures as well as the potency of the spoken word and the
cultural communicational mores as well as social and semiotic
aspects of mediation will also be examined. Also to be discussed is
the role played by intent, power, gender, and politics in inter-
ethnic and intra-ethnic interaction. Imitation and influence
(textuality, contextuality, and intertextuality) in communication
and the different channels through which texts, messages, or
information are communicated in various cultures.