International Studies | Nations, States, & Boundaries
I206 | 11295 | Affe, R.

This course covers selected aspects of the complex
interrelationships among individual identity construction, social
group formation, citizenship, and the international system.
Particular emphasis will be placed on dynamic interactions between
ethnicity and individual and national identities. Among the topics
to be covered are the effects of imperialism and globalization on
the contemporary configuration of group identities and national
boundaries, the actors and organizations most relevant to
international politics, how ethnicity affects identity formation in
individuals (especially exiles or migrants), language policy and
nation-building in sub-Saharan Africa, and how ethnic conflict
affects the development of civic culture and concepts of democratic
citizenship. Students will complete a group project in which they
explore the effects of these concepts and trends on the experiences
of some group of people living in the United States.
Material from the social sciences and the humanities will be
integrated in this course. We also hope to have some guest speakers,
some of whom may be scheduled at a time other than the regular
course meeting time.