Sociology | Charts, Graphs, & Tables
S110 | 9368 | Jeffers

It seems as though we are continually encountering social statistics
which attempt to simplify and tell us something meaningful about the
world in which we live.  Uncritical consumers of social statistics
risk buying arguments that should perhaps not be bought.  Critical
consumers of social statistics are able to navigate not only the
claims made by those working under the banner of science but also
those you find in newspapers and on 24 hour cable news channels.  The
goal of this course is to produce critical consumers of social
statistics.  We will consider many of the topics investigated by
sociologists (such as race, class, gender, population, crime, etc.)
and focus on the various concepts, measures and methods sociologists
use to understand society.  We will become familiar with the
production and interpretation of social statistics and in doing so
gain a better understanding of what sociologists do and the social
world in which we live.  Throughout all of this, we will also make an
occasional chart, graph and table.