Sociology | Society & The Individual
S230 | 9369 | Rosow

This course will examine ways in which individuals behave, think, and
feel during relationships with other people and with society as a
whole.  Ultimately, we will study people and the processes that
encompass every aspect of people’s lives – loving, hating, working,
helping, trusting, fighting, and communicating.  Additionally, we
will examine how a sense of self is developed and the processes by
which this self interprets the behaviors of itself and of others.  In
addition to what is listed on the schedule, hopefully we will have
time to explore topics under the “microsociology” rubric or sociology
of everyday life:  pets, television, public bathrooms, laughter,
flirting, potatoes – who knows what else?  The goal of this course is
to help you understand the social psychological theories and studies
that have been offered to explain some of the most fundamental
processes of human behavior.