Gender Studies | Topics in Gender Studies: Rethinking the Gendered Body
G104 | 12586 | Weida, S

This course will examine the way in which certain technologies have
enabled us to change our bodies and have in turn changed our
relationships to those bodies. Starting with the concepts of
technological embodiment, medicalization, and consumer culture we
will look at the theoretical, practical, and ethical issues
specifically surrounding contraception, reproductive technologies,
cosmetic surgery, and sex reassignment surgery. This class will
address the following questions: What is the relationship between
the body and identity? Will these technologies make gender as we
know it obsolete?
Do these technologies provide us with opportunities to approach
concepts such as gender, race, beauty, and parenthood in new ways or
does it simply reaffirm old stereotypes and norms? How do these
technologies challenge our conception of what is ‘normal’
or ‘natural’? Do these technologies really improve or enhance our
lives or are they just another product for us to buy into?