Spanish and Portuguese | Hispanic Colloquium
S495 | 5657 | Professor Steven Wagschal

HISP-S 495  Hispanic Colloquium  (3 credits)
Prerequisite:  S331 and S332 or equivalent

Topic:   “Literature and Art in the Age of Cervantes”

	This interdisciplinary course on Spanish literature and
European art is meant for advanced undergraduates. In Renaissance
Spain and Italy, visual and textual media were conceived of as
INEXTRICABLY INTERCONNECTED.This interconnectedness of word and
image is the basis for the analytic approach known as iconography, a
method that has become the foundation of much art historical
inquiry. Yet literary critics have not paid sufficient attention to
art works in their interpretations of written texts, privileging the
written (i.e. other literary works) over the visual in the
identification of sources. Nonetheless, a growing body of criticism
in the last few decades is uncovering the important reciprocal
relationship between the visual arts and literary creation in early
modern Europe.

Not only is Spanish literature brewing with myriad examples of
literary descriptions of art works (known as EKPHRASIS), but also,
the Hapsburg monarchs, from Charles V through Philip IV, were
among “the greatest art collectors of all time” (in the words of
renowned art historian Jonathan Brown), and Spanish writers competed
not just with each other but with Spanish and foreign painters for
royal and court patronage. The class will study Spanish poetry,
prose fiction and drama, as compared to a broad selection of works
drawn from Italian, Spanish and Netherlandish painting and
architecture. Literary texts and visual materials will be examined
in most or all class meetings.

	The course will be conducted primarily in Spanish with some
readings in English. Requirements: two of the following (S331, S332,
S333). Course grade will be based on a combination of short exams,
short papers (4-5 pages each) and active class participation.

HISP-S 495  #5657 12:00P-2:05P MWR  BH 208  Prof. Steven Wagschal

Note:  This HISP-S 495 class will meet jointly with our HISP-S 695