History | Witches and Heretics in Early Modern Christianity
B302 | 12548 | D. Koke

Above class open to undergraduates only

As Europe approached the modern period a flurry of religious
persecution enveloped the continent.  This class will examine the
causes, and terrible consequences, of the hunt for witches and
heretics in an effort to better understand the historical religious
intolerance of the West.  Our goal is to understand different
historical circumstances and interpretations which led to religious
persecution, including gender analysis and religious difference
inside Christianity as well as outside (Jewish and
Muslim “heretics”).

Students will daily read primary sources, including Inquisition
notes and actual witchcraft trials, taken from numerous countries:
Germany, England, France, Spain, Mexico, and America.  These primary
sources are largely from the 16th through 17th centuries, with
forays into earlier periods as well.  Classes will feature film and
painting analysis, lecture, and discussion, and requirements include
four essays and quizzes.