Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Careers in Leisure Services
R231 | 21032 | William D Ramos

This course is designed to familiarize students with the overall
range of agencies providing recreation and park facilities and
programs.  It’s chief purpose as an introductory course is to help
students gain fuller information about recreation and leisure
services as a career field, to assist them in their college study,
and as a beginning step in the job search process.

In order to give students a fuller picture of the overall field,
this course will provide an overview of ten professional areas,
describe the nature of employment in them, and the opportunities for
career development.  It will also present an introduction to the job
search process which includes professional development and the
nature of national societies or associations that promote organized
leisure services.  The ten professional areas include:
•	Public recreation and governmental park and leisure-service
agencies, including arts, museums, zoos, etc.
•	Nonprofit leisure-service community agencies: the voluntary
•	Commercial recreation businesses
•	Armed forces recreation
•	Employee services and recreation
•	Campus recreation
•	Private-membership organizations
•	Therapeutic recreation service
•	Recreational sports management
•	Tourism, travel, and event planning

Required Book List:
Mastering the Job Search Process (MJSP) (2006), by Ross, Beggs, and

Handouts will be provided in class and online material will be
assigned to supplement the text.  In addition, there will be  a
number of readings and worksheets that are available through the IU
Library E-Reserves System.  You can get to this web link by typing:  You will need a
password to enter this site. The password this semester is “careers”

Summary of Assignments:


Your final grade will result from specific areas of student
responsibility. Performance is based on point values. The following
is a summary of point values placed for graded content:	
	Section Exams		 3 @ 100 points each		300
	Self-Assessment Exercise				
	  10 points
	Infomercial and Critique				
	20 points
	Informational Interview Report				50
	Professional Organization Application			 10
	Business Cards						 10
	Resume’ #1						10
	Resume’ #2						10
	Resume’ #3						30
	Cover Letters		2 @ 15 points each		  30
	Mock Interview						30
	On-line Career Site Profile				
	 10 points	
	Discretionary In-Class Activities			
	  20 points	
	Final Exam - Cumulative		      			100
TOTAL							640 Points