Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Computer Applications in PRST
R237 | 3049 | Dr Craig M Ross

Description of Course Content:

This course offers students an introduction to computer applications
in parks,  recreation, sports, and tourism.  The primary emphasis
will be placed on computing using Microsoft Office XP 2007 including
word processing, spreadsheet, database, presentation, desktop
publishing, and world wide web computing skills.

Required Book List:

Special Package – ISBN (Not available as of yet)
		Publisher: Prentice Hall
		Package includes:

		1.      “GO! with Microsoft Office 2007 Brief” By
Shelley Gaskin
		This packet is available in the IU Bookstore.

Summary of Assignments:

The final grade will result from specific areas of student
responsibility. One's performance level in each will be represented
by a point value. The following is an approximate breakdown of the
point values placed on each area of course content:

General Concepts Exam 				50 points
Word Exam 						50 points
Excel Exam						50 points
Access Exam						50 points
PowerPoint, Publisher, GIS Exam			50 points

In-class and Homework Assignments
All in-class assignments will be worth 5 points each.
All homework assignments will be worth 10 points each.		
Integrated Project
The integrated project will be worth 90 points and will include a
document from each of the six units (15 points per unit).

Class Presentation
Each student will give a five-minute presentation of their
integrated project.  The presentation is worth 20 points.