Psychology and Brain Sciences | Introductory Psychology
P101 | 3913 | Jones, S.

This course introduces you to the scientific study of mind and
behavior.  Psychological research uses a wide variety of approaches
and addresses questions about behavior at a number of different
levels, ranging from investigations of specific chemicals in single
cells in the brain, through experiments on the traits and behaviors
individuals, to the study of groups, organizations, and whole
Despite the wide range of topics, and what seem to be very different
techniques, all sub-areas of psychology share certain major ideas and
scientific methods.  In this course, you will be introduced to those
ideas and methods.  You'll learn something about where they
and how they are used in some specific areas of research.  This first
course concentrates on the biological bases for behavior--in
and in the mechanisms of the brain and nervous systems--and on some
basic processes of sensing, learning, and remembering.  If you take
other psychology courses, you will find that the general lessons from
this course will be useful in other areas of the field.