Sociology | The Footballization of New Europe
S410 | 12865 | Weber

In this course we will explore Europe’s modern history and society
through the lens of one sports game: football (a.k.a. ‘soccer’).
Football not only moves millions of people in stadiums and in front
of the TV, but it also mobilizes the masses in spontaneous street
parties or riots, and it is a driving force of local patriotism,
nationalism, and the development of a European identity. There is
hardly a better way to study Europe as it is today than by learning
about football teams from Scotland to the Balkans that are competing
in amateur matches or the Champions League. Through a focus on
Europe, this course will introduce you to the economics, politics,
and aesthetics of a game that has become a spectacle all over the
world (while touching on why the United States is an exception).