Comparative Literature | Comparative Literary Analysis: Cosmopolitans and Refugees
C205 | 5441 | Prof. Akin Adesokan

Department of Comparative Literature, Summer Session I

TWR 11:30-1:30
fulfills IW and A&H requirements

This is an introductory course in literary interpretation required of
Comparative Literature majors and recommended for other students
interested in the study of contemporary literature. During the first
summer session we will base our comparative readings of literary
texts—fiction, nonfiction, drama, and poetry—on the relationships
between well-heeled intellectuals with opportunities for travel and
cultural judgment (cosmopolitans) and economic or political refugees.
We will read about young African women in Ghana, Caribbean immigrants
in the US and England, and the success of a number of carefully
selected postcolonial writers. Students will write four short essays
on assigned topics and revise one essay.