East Asian Languages and Cultures | East Asia: An Introduction
E100 | 1755 | Evans, Michael

3 credits
This course carries culture studies credit.
No knowledge of an East Asian Language Required.

The East Asia region – consisting of China, Japan, and North and
South Korea – is home to more than one-fifth of the world’s
population.  Each country has a long and rich history and has played
major roles in the course of world human development.  Moreover, as
is evident through even just a cursory glance at a news source, East
Asia and its politics, cultures, and economies are more relevant and
important than ever in every sphere of this increasingly globalized
world environment.

The objective of EALC E 100: Introduction to East Asia will be to
present students with a foundation of knowledge on the region,
looking at China, Japan, and Korea from the various
interdisciplinary vantage points that make up the field of East
Asian Studies.  Topics of consideration will include geography,
philosophical traditions, languages, and political systems.  History
and current events will also be emphasized.  Through this course
students can expect a closer familiarity and greater understanding
of issues related to East Asia as a whole.