English | Twentieth-Century American Poetry
L357 | 12478 | Cathy Bowman

Cathy Bowman

1:10p-2:10p D (30 students) 3 cr., A&H.

This intensive survey course will explore the range of the
imaginations and consciousnesses as embodied in the poetry of
America in the 20th century.  We will look closely at the journey
the poem makes down the page, focusing on the poems attention to
music and rhythm, memory, imagination, idea, and image--the poem’s
textures and how it is made. Simultaneously, we will also delve into
the historical, political, and cultural events that surround and
infuse the poems and poets of twentieth century America. We will
look at how the poem and the poet exist and engage in the public
sphere through manifestos, publishing, performance, manifestos,
collectives, essays and schools. We will start off by examining the
work of several modernist poets. Next we will read poets writing
after World War II and on up to the present. I will ask you to write
poems based on the readings. Requirements will also include class
discussion, participation, trips to the library and art museum,
creative and critical research projects, short response papers, and
several creative poetry writing assignments based on our readings.
No experience writing poetry required.