Gender Studies | Themes in the Study of Gender: Women of Color, feminisms and Anti-racism in the US
G205 | 12137 | Shand, A

How do women of color experience and theorize feminism(s)? What have
been the conflicts and connections between women of color and white
feminists since the ‘Second Wave’ of feminism in the U.S. ?  How
does racial oppression intersect with gender, class, and sexuality
in the lives of women of color? How do white feminists theorize
their own racial privilege? This course will examine the
intersections of race and gender in relation to feminism(s) in the
United States.  Beginning with the concept of intersectionality –
the understanding of race, gender, class and sexuality as
interlocking sites of privilege and oppression, we will highlight
the theories and voices of women of color in feminist thought from
the 1960’s to the present. We will examine current and historic
constructions of race in the U.S., including constructions of
whiteness. We will also examine the practical consequences of
racialized sexism/gendered racism for women of all races and
ethnicities. Finally, we will focus on strategies for creating
change, including current trends in feminist of color activism and
the anti-racist efforts of white feminists.