Spanish and Portuguese | Portuguese for Business
P115 | 4828 | Castro, Vania

HISP-P 115  Portuguese for Business (3 credits)

This course is designed to provide the beginning Portuguese student
with a foundation in both the Portuguese language and the Brazilian
culture in the Business context.  The course alternate between the
teaching of the language and the culture of business in Brazil. By
the end of the term, students will have developed some foundational
skills in three main areas:  Language and Communication, Business
Culture, and Portuguese Grammar.  The course is taught in both
English and Portuguese.

HISP-P 115  #4828  10:00A-11:15A  MTWR  BU203  Castro, Vania

NOTE:  This is a non-standard term.  This class meets June 23
through July 17, 2008.