History | American History I
H105 | 12480 | J. Warren

Above class open to undergraduates and EDUC MA's only

This course begins in the early 17th Century, with British
settlement in America and ends with the American Civil War in 1865.
The course is designed to introduce students to major themes in
United States history, with a focus on the idea of American freedom.
By  exploring the perspectives of different groups of peoples living
in early America--Native Americans, Africans, and Europeans--we will
discover that the meaning of "freedom" was never absolute, but
rather meant different things to different people. This class will
also explore other major themes such as slavery, nation-building,
national identity, geographic and economic expansion, and sectional
conflict in the history of the United States from its founding to
its ultimate failure in the Civil War.

This freshman-level survey course meets for 75 minutes, five times a
week, for six weeks. Roughly two-thirds of class meetings will be
devoted to lecture, and one-third to discussion. Students will be
asked to complete regular reading and writing assignments and take
two in-class exams (short answer/essay). Class exercises will help
students develop the analytical skills that make the study of
History a useful path into a range of professions.