Labor Studies | Labor and Global Warming
L290 | 12464 | Chary, Lin Kaatz

LSTU-L 290/390 Labor and Global Warming, 3 cr hrs. Class number
12464 First Summer/Class number 5444 Second Summer. How do global
warming and climate change affect labor and how does labor affect
global warming? In this course we will review what global warming
and climate change are, and what causes them. We will learn about
the Kyoto Treaty and why the U.S. is not a party to it, and explore
the politics of global warming in the U.S. and internationally. How
does environmental justice fit in? Will controlling global warming
cost jobs? Students will have the opportunity to look at their own
contributions to global warming, and to discuss where the solutions
lie, and with whom.
Instructor: Lin Kaatz Chary.