Public and Environmental Affairs | Economics and Administration of Artistic Organizations
A464 | 12349 | Rushton, Michael

In this course students analyze the unique challenges facing arts
organizations in the public, nonprofit, and for-profit sectors.
Among other topics, the course deals with the multiple and often-
conflicting goals faced by arts organizations, consumer demand and
price setting, experimentation and innovation, and setting the rules
for decision-making and oversight.

The course to a large degree consists of applications from the
fields of public administration, nonprofit organizations, and
economics to the problems facing cultural organizations, including
governmental bodies. The material provides a complement to the
course SPEA V459  Public Policy and the Arts, but there is no
overlap in syllabus readings; students with a great interest in
cultural policy could benefit from taking both courses, but all
students could take only one course or the other independently.

The target for the course is senior undergraduate students. There
are no prerequisites for the course, and no specific prior knowledge
is assumed.