Criminal Justice-COLL | Techniques of Data Anaylsis
K300 | 4116 | Snowden

K300 is the second half of a research methods-data analysis sequence.
This is an introductory course in statistical analysis that covers
the properties of single variables and statistical inference with
the goal of familiarizing students with basic principles of
statistical analysis. It is designed for students in criminology and
criminal justice courses in that all of our examples will employ
crime data and criminological issues in examining real-life criminal
justice issues. In this course, we will study both descriptive and
inferential statistics, and examine various scientific analytical
techniques used in research today. Topics will include the basic
concepts and measures in statistical analysis; methods for
describing sets of data, measures of central tendency and
dispersion; concepts of statistical inference, hypothesis testing
and analysis of bi-variate relationships. Special topics discussed
will include correlation, analysis of variance and non-parametric
statistics. Students are required to have taken Math 014 (Basic
Algebra) or its equivalent prior to taking this course. Basic
computation skills and some knowledge of mathematics is required and

Class Meeting:  Daily, 8:30-11:30, SB 221


Instructor:  Aleksandra Snowden, criminal justice department