English | Literature for Young Adults
L391 | 5446 | Paul Gutjahr

Paul Gutjahr

1:10p-2:25p D (30 students) 3 cr., A&H.

This course will study books which have enjoyed both popular and
critical acclaim among young adults in America.  Books from the
nineteenth thru the twenty-first centuries will be included in the
course readings.  The primary emphasis will be on fiction which had
confronted the issue of how character has been defined and developed
in young Americans.  The course will include three papers of various
lengths, a group teaching assignment, and frequent pop quizzes.
Since the course is taught through the English department, the class
will spend more time talking about textual interpretation than
teaching strategies.  This is not so much a course on pedagogy,
although pedagogical issues will be discussed.  The work load is
intense in this course, so be prepared to read a lot and work hard
if you sign up.

Final text selection has yet to be made, but possible texts include:

Little Women, Ragged Dick, The Secret of the Old Clock, Holes, King
Dork, The Ear, the Eye and the Arm, Remember Me, Out of the Dust,