Fine Arts | Ancient to Medieval Art
A101 | 2109 | Coffey, Heather

This course will serve as an introduction to the history of Western
art from the burial complexes of Ancient Egypt, the classical
civilizations of Greece and Rome, the earliest Christian imagery in
subterranean catacombs, the arts of the Byzantine Empire, the advent
of Islam, the development of monastic culture and the multi-media
environment of Gothic Cathedrals. We will consider select art works or
sites representative of these periods in their physical, historical
and social contexts. Although the course will focus primarily on
developments in architecture, sculpture, and painting, lectures will
also touch on the so-called "minor arts" (ceramics, small-scale
metalwork and ivory carving, textiles, manuscript illumination, etc.)
where possible. Emphasis will be placed on both visual analysis
(honing the studentís descriptive, analytical, and interpretive
skills) and contextual history. The course presumes no prior exposure
to the History of Art.