Fine Arts | Art Appreciation
H100 | 3840 | Walker, C

This course is designed to introduce the non-specialist to the world
of art. Its emphasis will be on viewing and understanding works of art
and visual culture within a cultural and thematic context. We will
discuss the purposes and themes of art, analyze objects, and learn to
talk and write about what we see. Students will learn a new visual
vocabulary which will enable them to see and enjoy a variety of
different styles, periods, cultures, and media, as well as to become
familiar with the terminology used in speaking and writing about art.
At the end of this course students will have attained a deeper
understanding of the role art plays in the world.
The basic format of this course will consist of a combination of
topical lectures, in-class activities and discussion. No previous
knowledge of art or art history is required; we will start slowly and
create a solid foundation on which to build subsequent understanding
and discussion.