Folklore | Motown
F354 | 2146 | C. Sykes

This course surveys the development of Motown Record Corporation,
with emphasis on its Detroit Era, 1959-1972. Through lecture,
demonstration, discussion, analytical, and audio-visual experiences,
the course seeks to illuminate: 1) the relationship between the
music of Motown and its aesthetic and socio-cultural foundations,
and 2) the significance of Motown to the history and culture of
America.  Within six (6) units of instruction, the course explores
issues related to the people, musical works, creative processes,
business practices, events, communication media, technology, and
sociocultural factors that contributed to Motown’s identity as a
unique artistic, commercial, and cultural phenomenon. Meets with
FOLK-F609 and AAAD-A389.

Fulfills COLL A&H, CSA