Gender Studies | Themes in Gender Studies: Sex, Gender & the Brain
G205 | 5443 | Hill, B

Are there male or female brains? Gay or straight brains? or even,
brains for different races and ethnicities? This course is designed
to explore how the brain has become the contemporary center for
research on sex, gender, race, and sexuality. In this course will
examine how Darwinian evolution and the medicalization of the body
have moved the study of sex, gender, and sexuality into the brain
and conscious mind. Using a feminist science theory perspective, we
will read primary scientific articles and analyze the meanings,
purpose, and overall construction of sex and gender within these
texts. Students will develop their critical thinking and will use
various social and feminist theories to critique the brain sciences
and evolutionary psychology as well as theorize new methodologies
that would appropriately incorporate sex and gender into the
production of science, empirical research, and scientific