Nursing | Drugs & Supplements
B107 | 4804 | D. Reising

Over-the-counter drugs such as cold medications are common drugs of
abuse among the population. The incidence of occurrence continues to
climb with more and more individuals experiencing a wide range of
harmful body effects.

As a part of this course, students will learn about the basic
physiology of how drugs work in the body and why they are both good
and bad at the same time. Throughout this seminar, we will
investigate the complicated world of the drug approval process, and
follow drugs as they rise to official drug status for the market,
and sometimes, their subsequent fall from the market.

Students will also become more familiar with claims and uses of
nutritional and herbal supplements that are popular for enhancing
muscular performance and for weight control. This seminar will equip
students with the skills to thoroughly evaluate claims being made by
drug and supplement manufacturers.

Finally, students will critically analyze the pharmacological
properties of some over-the-counter drugs that make them popular
abuse drugs. All the while, students will improve their written and
oral communication skills, become better equipped to critically
analyze Internet and written resources, and have a jump start on
taking collegiate level exams.