Political Science | International Development
Y200 | 3242 | French

This course takes an interdisciplinary approach to the study of
international development—-drawing especially on political science,
economics, sociology, and environmental affairs.  The primary
purpose of the course is to examine the major schools of thought
regarding development and the major challenges that confront states
as they attempt to develop.  We will begin with an historical
overview of development as an academic and policymaking issue,
focusing on the international political contexts that have shaped
the issue over time.  We will then move sequentially through the
following broad topics: the politics of underdevelopment (political
approach); economic growth and development (economic approach);
modernization and dependency theories (historical/sociological
approach); and sustainable development (environmental approach).
The format of the course will be varied: lectures, class discussions
and debates, analysis of a diverse mix of reading materials, and the
occasional video will all be involved.

No prior knowledge of the topic, or of the various disciplines used
to examine the topic, is required.