Political Science | Modern Political Thought
Y382 | 3780 | Fumurescu

The main themes of this course – the novelty of modern political
thought, varieties of “social contract”, political representation,
and liberalism vs. democracy – will provide the lenses though which
we will read key texts in modern political thought. In so doing, we
shall attempt to answer the following questions: What are the
similarities and the differences between ancient, medieval, and
modern political thought? What is “modern” in the modern political
thought? How and where did the social contract originate? Can we
talk about an “evolution” of the social contract or do we have to
deal with parallel lines of development of this concept? Is the
social contract a useful myth, a theoretical assumption or an
extrapolation of real contracts? How and where did the concept of
political representation emerge? How many types of political
representation characterized this period? What are the tensions
between liberalism and democracy and how they have been dealt with
by different authors? What are the legacies of modern political
thought that we have to address nowadays?