Religious Studies | Religions of the East
R153 | 5212 | Karapanagiotis, N

The above course carries Arts & Humanities and Culture Studies A

This course is designed as an introduction to the major religious
traditions of Asia, with special attention to Hinduism and Buddhism
in India and to Buddhism, Confucianism, and Daoism in China. During
the course of summer session 1, we will investigate textual sources
in order to uncover the specific world views, notions of freedom and
bondage, and conceptions of the self/human nature within each
tradition, and will also examine the practices that followers of
these traditions perform in striving toward their religious goals.
Finally, we will explore two so-called “eastern” religions in
America (Hinduism and Buddhism), in order to consider the ways in
which the very category of “eastern” vs.“western” religion might
itself be challenged.  Course materials will be presented through
primary and secondary texts, lectures, and discussions as well as
through films and slide shows.