Religious Studies | Topics in Religious Studies: Star Trek and Religion
R202 | 12057 | Hammerstrom, E

The above course carries Arts and Humananities distribution.

In this course we will examine some of the ways in which religion
appears in the Star Trek cluster (Original Series, Next Generation,
and Voyager in particular).  The action of this popular science-
fiction series is set in the future, but the ideas and conflicts
come from past and present debates in the modern world.  We will
explore two main lines of “religious” thought: the rejection of
mainline religion in favor or secular humanism and the tentative
embrace of newer forms of spirituality informed by modern physics
and cosmology. Notice the difference here between mainline or
organized religion on the one hand, and spirituality on the other.
Class will alternate between one day of lecture and one day in which
we will watch an episode of Star Trek and take a quiz in which the
student must relate that episode to the material covered in lecture.
Because of this, any absence could cause problems. Students should
consider this carefully before signing  up for this course