Sociology | Charts, Graphs, & Tables
S110 | 3445 | Kincaid

11:45AM-1:20PM	MTWR	CH 001

In Sociology, and in our daily lives, social statistics have become
an indispensable tool for understanding the well-being of society.
For example, when we read about increasing unemployment numbers or
decreasing crime rates in a newspaper, these statistics become the
basis for what we consider social facts.  In the same way,
sociologists use statistics for making sense of complex social
relationships and to discover important trends that would be
otherwise remain hidden.

In this course, we will become critical consumers of these social
statistics.  We will unravel how statistics are constructed,
presented, and interpreted in social science.  The course will cover
a number of substantive areas in Sociology, with special attention
to the methods, measures, and data behind the research.  The goal is
to emerge with the knowledge and tools necessary to make your own
conclusions about social research and the social world in general.