Sociology | Sexual Diversity
S321 | 12951 | Backstrom

11:45AM-1:20PM	MTWR	BH 347

This class is an upper-level sociology course on sexuality. We will
explore sexual attitudes, behavior, and identity, as well as the
diversity of sexual expression across dimensions of age, sexual
orientation, ethnicity, gender, and class. The course will be
divided into three parts. First, we will focus on the cultural
history of sexuality in the United States from 1600-present. Second,
we will look at sexuality across the life course from childhood
socialization through sex in later life. The final portion of the
course will be dedicated to discussing current hot topics in
sexuality. We will cover a wide range of topics throughout the
semester including media, religion, political sex scandals, sex
education, attractiveness, romantic relationships, and atypical
sexual expression, among others.
This course will give you a basic understanding of the sociological
implications of sexuality in the United States.