Criminal Justice-COLL | Techniques of Data Analysis
K300 | 6643 | Funderburk

Here it is: Course will provide a hands-on, interactive, and
comprehensive approach to statistical methods by familiarizing
students with the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences
(SPSS).  Material will cover the rudimentary tests, procedures, and
interpretations with activities and projects to support the
classroom material.  In addition, students will engage a variety of
contemporary data examples in the field using the relevant software
and analytical skills.  Some sort of USB device for storing personal
data files is required given the extensive use of computers both in
and out of the classroom. Finally, attendance is an absolute must
for success given the condensed format of the course.


Class meeting:  Daily, 8:30-11:30

Instructor:  Brent Funderburk, criminal justice department