Criminal Justice-COLL | Crime in the Media
P300 | 5161 | Head


This course is designed to examine the way that crime and criminals
have been portrayed throughout the last 80 years in popular movies.
Crime has always been a favorite source of material for Hollywood,
and we will be exploring the way that the depiction of criminal
activity reflects the social mores of a particular era.  Thus, this
course will have elements of history, sociology, criminal justice,
film criticism, and communications courses.

Course Requirements:

There are a variety of activities and requirements for this
course.  A summary of their individual values would look like this:

Mid-term Exam      25%
Final Exam         25%
Journal            20%
Paper              20%
Class attendance / participation          10%

The exams will be a combination of multiple choice, short answer /
identification, and essay and will be based on the films viewed,
your readings, and lectures.  The journal will consist of your
written entries based on your evaluations and ruminations on the
movies you have seen in and out of class.

Rafter, Nicole.  Shots in the Mirror: Crime Films & Society.
2nd edition Oxford University Press. 2006

Selected Readings on Crime & The Movies (Packet available at

Class Meeting:  1:30-4:30, Daily, BH 103

****Class meets second intensive session only****

Instructor:  Professor Bill Head, criminal justice department