Communication and Culture | Current Topics in Communication and Culture (Topic: Communicating Through Clothes)
C334 | 10515 | Hall-Araujo, L.

MTuWThF, 1:10 PM-2:25 PM, C2 203

Instructor: Lori Hall-Araujo
Office: C2 279
Phone: 856-7385

How does what we wear (or not wear) communicate information about
ourselves to others?  Does an IU sweatshirt always mean the same
thing in every situation?  Is it superficial or shallow to judge
someone based on appearance?  This class will explore how elements
of personal adornment function as symbols for communication and how
those symbols change meaning depending upon the context.  We will
consider how resources, access to goods, one’s social background,
techniques of the body, social expectations, and individuality
influence what we wear.  Coursework will include
ethnographic “people watching” in Bloomington and looking at
examples of bodily adornment cross-culturally, in sports media, and
in theater and film.