Communication and Culture | Production as Criticism (Topic: Online Video)
C335 | 12958 | Lahey, M.

MTuWThF, 1:10 PM-2:25 PM, C2 102

Fulfills College A&H Requirement

Instructor: Michael Lahey
Office: C2 281
Phone: 856-3405

Recently there has been an explosion of short video and film
production on the internet. If we look, we will find amateurs using
relatively cheap digital technologies to become producers of their
own work; like a teenager in rural America using YouTube to comment
on contemporary media trends or fans of Star Wars making videos that
playfully enrich the franchise they love. This diverse range of
individuals create videos for a variety of reasons: to express
themselves, to connect with others, or even as a way to get a job in
the media industry. Also, in addition to amateur work, we will find
major media companies using the internet to display their own
videos, like "webisodes" for popular TV shows. In this class, to
better understand the wide range of participants in the phenomenon
of online video, we will engage some critical questions about
digital culture, like the fluidity of producer-consumer roles, the
digital democratization of media, and how media industries engage
with participatory audiences.

This class is unique. While we will read and write about the
phenomenon of online video, we will also be producing our own video
shorts. Assignments will include reading about online video, some
introductory camera and computer exercises to get you up to speed,
and 2 major projects that combine written work and video production.
We will shoot on Sony HD cameras and edit on Final Cut Pro. No
previous production experience necessary. Please feel free to
contact me at with any questions.