Fine Arts | Ancient to Medieval Art
A101 | FINA | Dimmig, Ashley

Art 101 is a survey of Western architecture, painting, sculpture, as
well as minor art forms created by early Western cultures and
civilizations. The visual arts of prehistoric times, Mesopotamia,
ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, ancient Rome, and the development of
Christian and Islamic art from its origins through the Medieval era
are discussed. Emphasis is placed on integrating the development of
art forms with the geographic, social, political, philosophical, and
religious characteristics of these cultures.  The course is not one
concerned with "appreciation," nor is it one specially designed
for "non-majors."  The professor and text will present material
within a common art historical perspective, context and methodology,
and the students will be tested on these same aspects.  We will
discuss the purposes and themes of art, analyze objects, and learn
to talk and write about what we see.

The basic format of this course will consist of a combination of
topical lectures, in-class activities and discussion.  No previous
knowledge of art or art history is required.