Fine Arts | Topics in Ancient Art: Greek Vase Painting in the IU Art Museum
A310 | FINA | Van Voorhis, Julie

This course will examine the ceramic and vase-painting traditions of
the ancient Greek world (including Greek areas of Southern Italy)
from the Geometric through the Hellenistic periods (ca. 900-100
BCE), focusing on the collection of vases in the Indiana University
Art Museum.  The course will be divided evenly between the classroom
and the museum:  Mondays (when the museum is closed) will be devoted
to lectures, discussions and activities that cover the broad issues
surrounding the production, iconography, and function of Greek
pottery, and Wednesdays will be spent in the museum galleries and
storerooms applying the general concepts learned in lecture to works
of art in the I.U. collection.   Topics of discussion will include:
the technology of ceramics in antiquity; the development and
distinctive properties of different vase-painting techniques
(notably black- and red-figure); iconography, with a focus on
popular subjects from Greek mythology and Greek life;
identifying “master painters; regional styles, trade and transport;
and distinctive traditions in Southern Italian Greek pottery.