Fine Arts | Romanesque and Gothic Art
A322 | FINA | Reilly, Diane

The Romanesque and Gothic periods of the 11th through the 14th
centuries, often termed the High Middle Ages, saw the revival of
monumental vaulted architecture and life-sized stone sculpture.  It
also witnessed the widespread recognition of their creators as
artists and architects, rather than craftsmen, for the first time
since the ancient period.  For the first time in centuries,
international travel allowed for the exchange of artistic
innovations.  A middle class developed that could patronize works of
art such as manuscripts and devotional images, and powerful bishops,
nobles and merchants facilitated the rise of spectacular
cathedrals.  The major monuments of the Romanesque and Gothic
periods will be examined in the context of the events of the time.
The course grade will be based on a combination of weekly
assignments and a final exam as well as class attendance and in-
class writing assignments.