Spanish and Portuguese | Spanish Grammar in Context
S280 | 10702 | Staff

HISP-S 280  Spanish Grammar in Context  (3 credits)
Prerequisite:  HISP-S 250 or equivalent.

The goal of this course is to provide students with the language
skills necessary to pursue upper division course work in Spanish.
The main focus is on the development of formal linguistic skills
through explicit grammar instruction, reading original texts by
contemporary authors, and developing the link between literature and
culture through writing and conversation.  Students will cover a
variety of topics for which assignments involving composition,
conversation, and/or the formal aspects grammar will be given.  In
this way, the course offers an overview of grammar, explicitly
focused on its formal aspects.  There will be four short
compositions, two medium-length compositions, readings of annotated
literary and/or cultural texts, incorporating internet sources as a
complement to the readings.  The course will be conducted in Spanish.

Note:  This class replaces S310; if you have already taken S310 you
should not take S280 and look at taking a higher level class.
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