History | Medieval Civilizations
H206 | 14094 | K. Craig

Above class carries culture studies credit.

What do we know about the medieval world? History Channel series on
barbarians, vague memories of knights in high school history
classes, and cliched King Arthur movies have all left impressions
upon most of us about what Europe was like between 500 and 1500 C.E.
But how useful are the cliches? For example: Were the "Dark Ages"
really all that dark? How barbaric were the barbarians? Did knights
beat up on serfs and rescue maidens? Did Rome fall? Was William
really the conqueror? What started the Crusades? Why do we call
it "The Black Death"?  This survey course tackles some of these
cliches and stereotypes by exploring the history of the medieval
Mediterranean world through the eyes of people who lived through the
Middle Ages, with a particular focus on the blending of Roman
tradition with Germanic, Celtic and Semitic culture. In addition to
surveying major events and trends in medieval history, students will
be introduced to a systematic process for creating historical
arguments using primary sources (documents created by people who
lived during the time period under examination.)