Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Legal Issues in Health Promotion
H625 | 10729 | Erin Cooperman

Legal Issues in Health Promotion
This course is designed specifically for those who will work largely
in health education, health behavior, and health promotion
professions.  A substantial focus of this course will be on
developing competencies required to encourage, inform, and enable
populations to: a) participate in organized and effective methods to
influence policies and laws that broadly and powerfully shape
conditions that determine the health of those populations; and b) to
competently work with agencies and professionals collectively
involved in determining such policies and laws.  More specifically,
each class member will gain a working knowledge of the following
1)      The roles of the Constitution, legislatures, agencies,
courts and public in shaping public health policy;
2)      Constitutional authority and limits on governmental
3)      Tensions between protecting society’s interests and
preserving individual rights;
4)      Reading legal documents;
5)      Recognizing legal issues;
6)      Communicating with attorneys; and
7)      Strategies to increase public understanding and influence of
laws affecting public health.