Communication and Culture | Media Genres (Topic: Romantic Comedies)
C392 | 13317 | Bowdre, K.

MTuWTh, 8:55 AM-10:25 AM, C2 203
Required film screenings: F, 11:00 AM-1:00 PM, FA 102

Fulfills College A&H Requirement
Carries College Intensive Writing Credit

Instructor: Karen Bowdre
Office: C2 235
Phone: 855-0530

Romantic comedies have been a popular film genre since the early
days of the classical film era in the 1930s.  A high point for the
genre came in 1934 when It Happened One Night won five Oscars.  In
order to better understand contemporary romantic comedies such
Sixteen Candles, There’s Something About Mary, and The Wedding
Planner, this class will examine past romantic comedies and the
cultural and social meanings and ideologies prevalent in these
films.  The course will also examine critical texts about romantic
comedies and how the films function in relation to many of the
actors and actresses who appear in these films.  At the conclusion
of the class students will be able to delineate the characteristics
of romantic comedies, know the critical arguments regarding these
films and better understand how these films circulate particular
ideologies and norms from the culture.

The required screenings and readings for this course will include
but are not limited to films, television series, and scholarly
essays. Students will be expected to write and present response
papers throughout the semester, attend regular screenings,
participate in classroom discussions, and write a final semester
research essay.

This class will be a mixture of lecture, small group discussion, and
required weekly film screenings.  Your full participation involves
listening to lectures and fellow students’ arguments in small or
large groups and giving feedback.  Your attendance and participation
is mandatory.