East Asian Languages and Cultures | Introduction to East Asia
E100 | 5288 | Pettit

East Asia: An Introduction
3 credits
This class is for undergraduate students only
This class carries culture studies credit and COLL A&H distribution

In “EALC E100: Introduction to East Asia” we will analyze the
history and culture of China, Japan and North and South Korea with a
particular focus on how contemporary society reflects, and in some
cases rewrites, the past.  This course will cover a wide range of
cultural and historical developments that helped form modern East
Asia, but it will not focus only on historical events.  Students
will be asked to listen to the “voices” of some who lived through
this “history” (in the form of movies, short stories, poetry or
memoirs, for example) as we consider the development of these three

We will use texts, focused readings, films, lectures and
presentations to build our knowledge of East Asia. Evaluation of
students will be based on daily reading comprehension quizzes and
three exams.