Fine Arts | Topics in Art History: African Art Now
A200 | 14336 | Stephanie Beck

African Art Now: art since independence

African art is often described as solely historical  as if art
production ended with colonialism or remained static from the Age of
Exploration to today.  However, in Africa and the African Diaspora,
contemporary artists explore a variety of topics and engage in
global discourse.  This course will consider artists working both in
and outside of Africa, diverse media and engage numerous themes,
such as politics, globalization, health care, education and
history.  The course will examine art production since the era of
independence, roughly 1950-present and will engage both Sub-Saharan
and northern Africa.  Some of the thornier topics in Nonwestern art
scholarship today, including concerns about authenticity of both the
artwork and the artists, will be explored through media-based