History | American History I
H105 | 8489 | Lee

Above class open to undergraduates and EDUC MA's only

This course explores the history of the United States up to the
Civil War, focusing on changing conceptions of freedom and equality.
The scope of this course is both broad and inclusive. This course
surveys important themes in antebellum American history, including
nationalism, urbanization, social reform, westward expansion,
slavery, and sectionalism. The course examines the key social,
cultural, economic, and political events leading to the Civil War.
In doing so, we will particularly delve into the following
questions: Who were “Americans”? Who has been included and excluded
by that category? How did the changing boundaries of what it meant
to be “American” transform the meaning of “freedom” and “equality”
in the antebellum United States? These questions will be discussed
particularly with reference to the fault lines of gender, race, and