Philosophy | Classics in Philosophy of Art
P346 | 13368 | McCarty, David

This is a course neither in art history nor in art criticism,
although we will learn something of art’s history along the way. We
will not attempt a survey of art, cross-cultural or otherwise. Our
principal goal is to learn to think and write critically about
philosophy in its multiple relations to art and the arts. We will
make close, philosophical examinations of some of the most
influential writings by philosophers about art and of those pieces
of art and art genres about which or in association with which those
works were written.

Required texts for the course are Aristotle’s “On Poetry and Style”
(Hackett Publishing), E. Burke’s “A Philosophical Enquiry” (Oxford
University Press), R.G. Collingwood’s “The Principles of Art”
(Oxford University Press), E. Hanslick’s “On the Musically
Beautiful” (Hackett Publishing), and W. Strunk and E.B,
White’s “Elements of Style” (Longman).
A number of shorter readings are also required and will available
for purchase in a photocopied coursepack

Since this course is designated “Intensive Writing,” there will be
daily, reading/writing assignments of at least 250 words in length.
These will be collected, marked and returned. Course grades are
determined on the basis of student performance on two inclass
examinations, one final examination, daily reading/writing
assignments, and class participation. Inclass quizzes may also be