S100 | 6847 | Doan

5:30PM-8:45PM  MW  BH 330

Sociologists take a unique perspective on the ways that humans
interact with the social world around them.  This perspective focuses
on examining the social processes that cause people to act the way
that they do.  This course will introduce you to a set of theories and
methods that sociologists use to understand a wide variety of social
phenomena and problems.  In doing so, we will discuss the way the
sociologists understand topics such as class, religion, gender, race,
globalization, and politics, as well as how these different concepts
intersect with one another.  Through readings, lecture, and (perhaps
most importantly) discussion, you will learn to develop and use your
“sociological imagination” as a tool to critically analyze the world
in which you live.  The goals for this course are to: 1) introduce you
to the scholarly work provided by sociologists and social theorists;
2) provide you with the analytic skill set needed to identify the
social forces that generate outcomes that are usually taken for
granted; 3) use this skill set to discuss and examine social problems
that society faces today.  In combination, these three goals will
provide you a more complex and nuanced understanding of the social
world that will prove useful long after you’ve completed your studies
at IU.