S101 | 8832 | Metroka

10:20AM-11:55AM   MTWR  BH 330

Sport is something that nearly all Americans – and many from other
countries as well – are familiar with.  Many of us grew up
participating in one or more sports, and many follow various sports
and cheer for various teams.  But even those of us who did not
participate in sports and do not have a strong interest in following
sports have probably been affected by sport in some way.  It has
permeated into and affects a multitude of different social
institutions (corporations, education, media, etc.) in ways that many
of us may not recognize at first glance.

In this course, we will explore and delve into many of the themes that
are typically taught in an introductory sociology course, though we
will do so through the lens of sport.  We will look at race, gender,
education, organization, and deviance (among other topics) as they
apply to sport using a sociological perspective